Mean Something

by Kinder Than Wolves

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released April 15, 2016

Produced, engineered, and mixed by Paige Coley
Mastered by Troy Glessner



all rights reserved


Kinder Than Wolves Orlando, Florida



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Track Name: Hazel Days
How backwards can we be
It’s always daylight when we lay to sleep
Stay set worlds apart
Slowing down time as if it were ours
(I can’t relate to you now)

Can you just stop me in my tracks ‘cause I don’t want to go
We’re talking like it’s fact and taking like it’s owed
We’re subtle and strong
Like water and stone

Covered hazel eyes
Delay the colors from the sunlight
When I think of you
It’s in the same way that I used to
In the water, in the snow
Sang to you in quarter notes
Bottle rockets out of cars
Easy staying where we are
Saw you waving from the shore
Made it out and you were bored

Track Name: Weapons
What could go wrong
Nothing at all
Know your next move
Wait for the call
It’s not what you expected, well then I’m sorry
I’m here to dim the lights, say only what you mean

Drop your weapons
We’re all here for one thing only
Damage control
‘Cause I’ve said things I should not think

Give me a title that I can work with
Better than rival, more than a myth
It’s not what I’m used to but I’ll lie


How can I be part of this
With your fingerprints all over it
Track Name: Hover
Let me out tonight
Unravel with a moon and a light
Stay close to my ghosts
Until I decide to fight or flight

I’ve been trying to work it out
Every move I make plays the same
I’ve been trying, I’ve been
Every move…

You used to calm me down
Now I can barely feel the ground
I’ll try to stay conscious now
Forget that you were mine one time around

Set it up and run
Disappearing act just for fun
Out of sight, not out of mind
It’s been said, now are we done

Everything looks set in stone
Until their secrets are known
(You might be someone I still know)
Everything looks set in stone
Until their secrets…


You used to calm me down
Never wanted to be found
Still go to places you surround
Now I just hover around
Track Name: Mean Something
I’m not done with you yet
Make me say something I’ll regret
In a room I don’t belong
Make me say something

We were drawn in from the start
A reluctant work of art
And though I tried, I could not ignore you
Now here we are light and dark

I’m not done with you yet
Make it mean something, you’ll forget
I wished time would pass me by
Made it mean something
Now all I want to do is buy time
Track Name: Make You Feel
I want to make you fall in love
I want to make you fall in love with me
Simple. simple with me
Simple. simply agree
I want to make you feel at home
I want to make you feel at home with me
I want to make you fall in love (x3)
I want it to be enough

I want to make you feel
Hear your footsteps in the background on the wooden floor
Turn around, remember that you’re not here anymore
Who was I to deserve something that’s so light and pure
What was I when it was ripped away and done for sure
And if I could keep the little things, I’d save them all
Details leave quiet through the back door while we frame the halls
A coping mechanism that I’ll never learn to trust
You give all yourself to circumstance, never enough
And I know nothing will ever compare or come close
It’s a lesson learned only when you’d hate it the most
We’re all trying to piece back together what we lost
Never sitting comfortable alone now with my thoughts
And all these things I do to try to occupy my time
Can’t make me half of what I was when you were here and mine
But I’ll carry with me everything and make it work
I’m gonna ring it dry for every single thing it’s worth